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tlug: Get this...

tlug note from Jim Schweizer <>
Hi all,

And yet another reason to love Linux and hate NEC:

I work (volunteer) with an NGO that runs its own web server on
an NEC UNIX box. They recently asked me to set up Majoromo so
they could run some lists. I downloaded the Majordomo scripts,
read all the docs and found out that Majordomo doesn't work with
Perl 5.001 (the installed Perl on the NEC box is 5.001).

Hey, no problem, I thought - I built Perl 5.003 for wormhole (my
Linux box) so upgrading Perl should be a snap. So, I grabbed the
source for 5.004 and .... IT DIDN'T COMPILE! 

To make a long story short, we asked NEC to upgrade Perl, and
they said, 'Sure, it'll cost _only_ 60,000 yen.'

Needless to say, we're installing Linux or BSD (we're still
arguing about it;-) on the LAN this week to run Majordomo.

I still can't believe it....

Jim S.

Sent by: Jim Schweizer <>
On: 03-Sep-97 at: 15:52:53 JST
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