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tlug: KPCA 9/17/97 Meeting

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  ***  Kansai Professional Computer Association News  ***
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Embedded Systems Solutions using a 32-bit RISC MCU.
Speaker: Colin Mason, Assistant Manager - M32R Application Group,
Mitsubishi Electric Corp
9/17/97-Wed, 6:45-9:00pm. Club KARMA's event hall, 5 minutes from Osaka JR.

The usage of the M32R/D in digital cameras, information appliances,
personal communication devices and other fast growing portable and
multimedia applications will be discussed at this KPCA meeting.

Current embedded systems require increasingly powerful processing
capability coupled with a need for compactness, reduced costs and lower
power consumption.  The M32R/D which is a state of the art 32-bit RISC
processor with 2Mbytes built in DRAM addresses these requirements and will
be presented.

Mr. Mason will also discuss the hardware and software requirements, with
special commentary on the middleware requirements, such as for internet
terminals, which are now important in achieving the fast time to market
demanded by todays development schedules. Working in close proximity to the
design, manufacturing and software development teams Mr. Mason is in a
position to answer detailed questions on all aspects of the product and how
it can applied.

Mr Mason has been with Mitsubishi Electric for the past 12 years.
A Chartered Engineer and a  graduate of The University of Edinburgh with a
degree in Engineering Science. He holds a number of patents in the areas of
data storage and security.

PRICE: Through special arrangements with Club KARMA, the meeting fee is a
mere 1000 yen(!). Drinks/food will be available starting at 300/600 yen.
Invite your friends!

Great success!  Drinks, Food, and wonderful conversation.

SPEAKERS SOUGHT! The KPCA is looking for speakers for future meetings. Come
promote your pet project/product, your career.

Fax or email any/all response to:
Dennis Grass, KPCA-President
c/o K.K. World Wide Computer
Bingoya Bld 6F
1-5-12 Shibata
Kitaku, Osaka 530
FAX: 06-377-4715
Tel: 06-377-4714

FLEA MARKET: ClarisWorks 4.0E for Windows-cheap, Mac IIsi 5,000yen, Mac
IIci-make offer,

DONATION REQUEST: A request of used/new Macintosh computer equipment for
the French School of Kansai.  Pull out your old SE/30, the unused HD, the
1MB RAM SIMMs, the old keyboard (even with a key missing-as it can be
repaired by volunteers), etc, and help put together a computer lab for
these young children.


__  Yes!  I plan to attend on Wednesday, Sept. 17 (Embedded Systems Solutions)
__  Oops, I'm busy on the 17th. Please keep me informed of future events.
__  I can probably attend on Wednesday, Oct. 22 (Blue Laser Diode)
__  I can probably attend on Wednesday, Nov. 19
__  I can probably attend on Wednesday, Dec. 17

__  Yes!  I am interested in speaking at a KPCA meeting.
        My proposed topic:

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