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Re: tlug: Broken fs?

tlug note from Dennis McMurchy <>
On Wed, 23 Apr 1997, Francis Brian O'Carroll wrote:

> Christopher Wiles <> said:
> > WD had a couple bad batches of Caviar drives.  They'd work for awhile
> > (albeit while making horrible grinding/clicking noises), then they'd fail
> > spectacularly.
> I had a Caviar IDE drive fail *intermittently* after a little over a year
> of casual use...

  Just out of idle curiosity I rummaged through the cupboard to see if the
drive that failed me last September was a Caviar.  I discovered, to my
horror, that it was Seagate 1.2G that failed and I replaced it with -
you guessed it - a WD Caviar series 1.6G drive (resold in Japan by Century
Corporation)!  Great!  Should I panic and rush down to the HD store tomorrow
morning?  And if I do, what should I be looking for?

  Also, anyone have any thoughts on the pros and cons of backing up one
HD on another HD (I'm already doing this on my machine in Canada and
would do it here too if I had another drive installed).  

  In fear and trembling,

Dennis McMurchy, 
Tojinmachi, Fukuoka

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