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Re: tlug: Broken fs?

tlug note from "Francis Brian O'Carroll" <>
Christopher Wiles <> said:

> WD had a couple bad batches of Caviar drives.  They'd work for awhile
> (albeit while making horrible grinding/clicking noises), then they'd fail
> spectacularly.

I had a Caviar IDE drive fail *intermittently* after a little over a year
of casual use (the PC was mainly used on weekends, running linux and 
windows; it was the second disk on the machine, so it got less use than the
inbuilt IBM drive). It would make strange noises, and just not respond to the
controller. Finally it seemed to fail for good. So I took it out and
bought another disk - and a JAZ drive for backup :-).
After a "rest" of a few weeks, it now seems to work again, so at least
I could recover its data. I've kept it as a dubious spare.

Frank O'Carroll
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