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Re: tlug: Broken fs?

tlug note from Christopher Wiles <>
On Wed, 23 Apr 1997, Dennis McMurchy wrote:

> you guessed it - a WD Caviar series 1.6G drive (resold in Japan by
> Century Corporation)!  Great!  Should I panic and rush down to the HD
> store tomorrow morning?  And if I do, what should I be looking for? 

Panic immediately.

Seriously, I personally wouldn't use a Caviar in my systems even if WD
*proved* that they fixed their fabrication/QC problems.  I don't like
being burned.

I've had good experience with Maxtor SCSI drives.  HP has been fairly nice
to me as well -- pricey, but if one dies they'll FedEx a replacement to
you (within warranty, of course).  I can't recommend a good IDE drive
because I can't recommend IDE ... one can't lowlevel format an IDE drive
if something goes haywire. 

>   Also, anyone have any thoughts on the pros and cons of backing up one
> HD on another HD (I'm already doing this on my machine in Canada and
> would do it here too if I had another drive installed).  

Mirroring drives?  Works okay with dd, and I think there's a controller
that'll do it hardware-level automatically. 

--	Chris (

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