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Re: tlug: Broken fs?

tlug note from "Francis Brian O'Carroll" <>
Dennis McMurchy <> said

> Also, anyone have any thoughts on the pros and cons of backing up one
> HD on another HD (I'm already doing this on my machine in Canada and
> would do it here too if I had another drive installed).  

My guess is that if the drives (or partitions) are exactly the same
it would be a fast way because you could just do
	dd if=rawhd#1 of=rawhd#2 bs=1024x1024

or something like that to make an exact disk image (the bs
is for performance). Then you would take hd#2 off line (unmount?)
so that you couldn't accidently trash it.

On the other hand if hd#1 physically crashes while you are doing the
backup then you have lost hd#1 and hd#2 is inconsistent.

I'm thinking about dividing my fixed disk into partitions the same
size as a JAZ disk so I could do the same thing but remove the JAZ
disks; any comments?

Frank O'Carroll

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