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tlug: Kanji can't get through.

tlug note from Y-M Hua <>
Hi, this is Yong-Ming doing shucchou at Royal Holloway, London Univ.

     I am having a trouble. I have to install Japanese system into
the Computer Centre at Royal Holloway. I have done it all right.
But when I send e-mails in Japanese to Japan, just gibberish will
come out on the display in Japan. The thing is that the Network
here is Windows 95 with big NT servers. And all mails coming to
and going out of Royal Holloway go through Mail-Relay with Micro-
soft Exchange. I installed Microsoft Outlook(Japanese version)
in the Client machines (Win95). When I send e-mails in Japanese
locally(within the Campus), Japanese Kanji come out all right on
the display. But when they go thgough the English based Microsoft
Exchange Server, the encoding would become just a mess. 
     I perfectly know that this sort of problem shouldn't appear
on this ML, but unfortunately I know only this ML, and also I am
alone here in a dungeon called the Coumuper Centre of London Univ.
where nobody seems to be able to cope with this problem.
     I must fix this problem urgent. Maybe I couldn't make it, 
unless they(RH) allow me to install Microsoft Exchange Server
into NT. But if there are some ideas, clues, fantastic ways, to
cope with this problem, please write to me, and I will be
greatful. Yours, as usual.

P.S. They would Not change the Microsoft Exchange Server.
     If you could, please write to

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