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Re: tlug: NFS + AMD + SPARC = :(

tlug note from "Andrew S. Howell" <>
>>>>> "Jim" == Jim Tittsler <> writes:

    >> I'm trying without much success to get the automounter AMD to
    >> automount directories from my 486 linux box to the sparc. The
    >> mounting works ok, I can navigate though automounted
    >> directories, but as soon as I try to edit anthing, it hangs. If
    >> I manually mount the same

    Jim> For what its worth, I use AMD (from the amd-920824upl102-5
    Jim> RPM) on my SPARC to give me access to my Pentium machine.  I
    Jim> am able to edit using jed and XEmacs.  Something unusual
    Jim> about file locking with the editor you are using?

I'm just using vi, as installed off Redhat 4.0. It could be that my
amd map is wrong. I'll check that. It should be ok though, since I can
navigate directories etc. 


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