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Re: tlug: NFS + AMD + SPARC = :(

tlug note from Jim Tittsler <>
On Sun, 16 Mar 1997, Andrew S. Howell wrote:
> 	I'm trying without much success to get the automounter AMD to
> automount directories from my 486 linux box to the sparc. The mounting
> works ok, I can navigate though automounted directories, but as soon
> as I try to edit anthing, it hangs. If I manually mount the same

For what its worth, I use AMD (from the amd-920824upl102-5 RPM) on my
SPARC to give me access to my Pentium machine.  I am able to edit
using jed and XEmacs.  Something unusual about file locking with the
editor you are using?

Jim Tittsler, Tokyo

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