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Re: tlug: Redhat Power-CD Sparc cdrom mounting

tlug note from (John Little)
% 	Here is what happens when I mount the Redhat Sparc disk. It
% always fails the first time, but succeeds the second... No idea why.


   Thanks again for the follow-up. Mine doesn't mount on the second
   (or subsequent) tries, either. Two things of note. First, I tried it
   from a Linux system at the weekend and was able to load 4.1 to my
   ELC from the 486 box (yes, it mounted on the 486 without any sort of
   error message); and second, the "my disk-3 won't mount under Solaris"
   thread has just erupted on the SPARC-Linux mailing list (not guilty,
   yer honour!). It seems I'm not the only one so afflicted.

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