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Re: tlug: PCMCIA and FTP installation

tlug note from Craig Oda <>
On Sun, 9 Mar 1997, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

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> tlug note from "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
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> I'd like to do an installation of Linux via FTP to a laptop with a
> 3Com 3c562/3 PCMCIA ethernet adaptor.  RedHat doesn't seem to allow
> this; next I'll try Debian.  Anybody with any ideas, please let me
> know.  By Mar 13 it will be a moot point as I am leaving for the US
> for 11 days, and the Sony CD-ROM-Man that I've ordered should be
> delivered before I return.

When I installed Debian, the kerneld loadable module concept did
not adequately detect my PCMCIA ethernet adaptor.  I recompiled
the kernel with the PCMCIA modules built in.

Debian can be installed from 6 floppy disks.  See if you can boot
your laptop with just these 6 floppy disks.  Then, get the kernel
source on your desktop and recompile with pcmcia stuff built into
the kernel, not as loadable modules.  You can then make the transfer
of the kernel with a floppy disk.  I had to install a bunch of
other stuff to get it to a really genki point.   However, if you
can install the minimum needed to get FTP to work, you can suck
everything else down with dselect.  In this area, Debian is better
than RedHat because it really allows you to customize the install.

Of course, this is just one man's experience with Debian and a 


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