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Re: tlug: kinput2 and mule

tlug note from Craig Oda <>
On Sun, 9 Mar 1997, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
> kinput is an input manager, not an FEP---you can change the
> translation engine.  Get the source code, and configure kinput2 to use
> Canna or Wnn, and use the corresponding Mule.  Then you'll be using
> the same keystrokes in all applications; mule in a native X window
> will not give pop-up menus, of course, to get that you'll need to use
> Mule in a kterm.

I'm not sure about the proper terminology.  However, when I run
mule-wnn, I use C-\ to get into kanji input and space for the conversion.
In kinput2, I use shift-space to get into kanji input and ctrl-j to
change the hiragana into katakana.  In mule-wnn I press M-k to convert
hiragana to katakana and in kinput2 I use F1 example, (쥰).  

Also, is there some special .emacs string to get mule-wnn to accept the
kinput protocol?  

I'm trying a new system of reading mail.  I'm using Pine 3.95 with IMAP4,
procmail on the main server  and implicit alternate editor set to mule.
Netscape 4.0 is supposed to support IMAP4, but I have not gotten it to
work on Linux yet.  However, Pine handles IMAP4 nicely.  I now have
access to lots of mail folders on a centralized server that I can
access from anywhere on the Internet.   I also have procmail set to
filter my tlug list to a seperate folder.  

Before the great conversion to IMAP4, POP3 would only allow me to
access a single mail folder, and it did not adequately synchronize
my home and office mailboxes.  I was using telnet to read my mail,
but I find I have more control using my local editor and assorted
text editing tools, such as kinput2, and trans/trans.el/EDICT.

Now, I can mark my mail as read, refile into a seperate folder, and
then go into the office on Monday and have everything the same as
I last saw it on Sunday.  Very nice.  I also have Pine read in my
mime.types and mailcaps files so that mime is properly displayed.  

The reason I switched from mule and mh-rmail is that I wanted the
centralized convenience of all my mail being on one public server
all the time.

BTW, pico can now display Japanese.  

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