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Re: tlug: kinput2 and mule

tlug note from "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
>>>>> "Craig" == Craig Oda <> writes:

    Craig> I'm not sure about the proper terminology.  However, when I
    Craig> run mule-wnn, I use C-\ to get into kanji input and space
    Craig> for the conversion.  In kinput2, I use shift-space to get
    Craig> into kanji input and ctrl-j to change the hiragana into
    Craig> katakana.  In mule-wnn I press M-k to convert hiragana to
    Craig> katakana and in kinput2 I use F1 example,
    Craig> (=A5=AF=A5=EC=A5=B0= ). =20
Grrrr.  What's this--+  Yaargh Pine MIME yargh yargh.

Anyway, probably it's easier to change kterm and kinput, because there 
are so many different Mule packages that may rebind the keymap.  It's
pretty easy to step on an important function (eg, Canna used to, maybe 
still does, default to Ctrl-o for toggle-conversion; I use open-line a
lot, so I had to rebind the toggle-conversion).

Either in .Xresources or the app-defaults files:

KTerm*VT100.Translations: #override \
Kinput2*ConversionStartKeys: \

Note you have to fix both KTerm and Kinput2.  There may be similar
facilities for changing the conversion functions, but as long as both
Mule and Kinput2 are talking to the same conversion server this
shouldn't be a problem.

    Craig> Also, is there some special .emacs string to get mule-wnn
    Craig> to accept the kinput protocol? 

Not likely.

    Craig> I'm trying a new system of reading mail.  I'm using Pine
    Craig> 3.95 with IMAP4,

IMAP4 tte naaaaaaani?

BTW, thanks for the advice on Debian.  If nothing else, that should
work.  I already have the Debian floppies made, so....

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