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Re: tlug: PCMCIA and FTP installation

tlug note from (John Little)
% I'd like to do an installation of Linux via FTP to a laptop with a
% 3Com 3c562/3 PCMCIA ethernet adaptor.  RedHat doesn't seem to allow
% this; next I'll try Debian.  Anybody with any ideas, please let me
% know.  By Mar 13 it will be a moot point as I am leaving for the US
% for 11 days, and the Sony CD-ROM-Man that I've ordered should be
% delivered before I return.

   If memory serves, the latest Slackware distribution has a special
   installation diskette specifically for PCMCIA machines. I was trying
   to install the not-really-PCMCIA-even-though-it-pretends-to-be Toshiba
   using it a few weeks back.


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