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Re: xdoom and shared memory

>>>>> "Jim" == Jim Schweizer <> writes:

    Jim> When trying to get xdoom to start up (using fvwm) it gets all
    Jim> the way to:

    Jim> ST_Init: Init status bar.
    Jim> Using MITSHM extension

    Jim> then it shows the outline of the new window, but when I click
    Jim> to place the window it dies with :

    Jim> errno=38
    Jim> Error: Could not get any shared memory

    Jim> When I try to start Gimp the menu for File/Edit/Tools/etc
    Jim> comes up but when I try to open a new file it dies with:

    Jim> gimp fatal error: shmget failed!

Yep, these are the same error.

    Jim> Did I miss something when I compiled the kernel or do I need
    Jim> to add something?

I *think* I've been using shared memory for a server I've written (at
least, I use the Perl shared memory calls), so I think shared memory
should work.  Probably your kernel is OK, just X is screwed.  :-(
Check on your X version, etc.

You could check your /usr/src/linux/.config to make sure
CONFIG_SYSV_IPC is enabled, but I can't imagine it isn't.

    Jim> BTW, I can't resist telling you all - there will be a new
    Jim> TLUG member in May (hopefully a girl! but three sons wouldn't
    Jim> be all bad:-)


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