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Re: (Fwd) installing as s standart user

>>>>> "Jim" == Jim Schweizer <> writes:

    >> Date:          Mon, 09 Dec 1996 15:55:28 +0900
    >> From:          Guy Deffaux <>
    >> Organization:  Fusion Systems Japan
    >> To:  
    >> Subject:       installing as s standart user

    >> I am using linux environment but I am not the super user.

    >> Can I install JE in my home directory ?

Yes.  Sort of ....  In general, JE is basically just versions of
standard utilities with the ability to Do The Right Thing with
Japanese text files.  So you install what you want in your home
directory.  (Well, probably in ~/bin/.)  It would help to know what
you want JE for; I once installed JE, but now I just use Mule, Canna,
JTeX, and kterm, all of which I built from source independently of JE.

Of course, it's easier to install from the JE distribution, I would
think, but the point is that as far as I can tell JE is just sort of a 
miscellany of Japanese utilities.  Installing JE as such is not
necessary to get a useful system for Japanese.

I don't even have a jless.  The most useful other Japanese software I
use isn't even provided with JE AFAIK: Ken Lunde's jconv.  nkf is just
not as good (jconv did a better job of identifying character sets in a
few cases, and the nkf source code does not inspire confidence).

I'm pretty sure there are directions for this in the JE install
instructions.  Things to watch for:

(1) Do you have infinite space in your home directory?  If you are
    facing a quota, beware of Mule (about 30MB on my system), JTeX
    (it's in with LaTeX2e, so I dunno how big, but big, probably 20MB
    before fonts) and stuff like that.  (There isn't anything else
    like that :-), except for fonts for X, JTeX, and Ghostscript, over 
    50 MB on my system, but you can probably keep it to 10MB.)
(2) Some older versions of kon (the kanji console) come out of the box 
    with the font installation scripts owned by root and not
    executable by world.  Make sure your package is up to date.
(3) You need a libc newer than about 4.5.  This is not a problem, I'm
    sure you're OK.  Unless you *know* your library is very very old,
    don't let the JE installer overwrite it (older versions of JE
    offer to do so, dunno about new ones).
(4) FEPs:  Canna prefers to be installed by root; I don't know about
    Wnn and sj3.  You may need to do some contortions; these are well
    enough documented (for Canna) in the Canna distribution, but I
    don't know about other FEPs or whether the needed documentation is
    included in JE.
(5) JE tends to be a little out of date on some things; kterm, in
    particular, has improved a lot recently.  It's not clear to me
    what the benefit of jless is, either, I just run less 1.77 in a
    kterm and ignore the warnings about binary files.  Forget NEmacs;
    if you can't afford the space for Mule, NEmacs is just too out of

You might want to see if you can figure out how to disable the
installation features that change owners and permissions in the
installation scripts.

Be careful with your PATH if you are going to let Japanese versions
shadow the regular distribution (jvi -> vi, jperl -> perl, etc.)  This
opens some security holes, both of the outside hacker variety
(hopefully you don't have that problem) and the own stupidity variety
(I suffer from that, even if you don't).

This is not a complete list by any means.  Mostly you should be able
to install what you need and not worry about the rest.

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