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xdoom and shared memory

Hi all,

It's been so quiet lately.... everyone OK?

This is one of those little things that has been bothering me for 
months, but the same type of error has been denying me Gimp so I 
thought I might as well get around to asking it.

When trying to get xdoom to start up (using fvwm)  it gets all the 
way to:

ST_Init: Init status bar.
Using MITSHM extension

then it shows the outline of the new window, but when I click to 
place the window it dies with :

Error: Could not get any shared memory

When I try to start Gimp the menu for File/Edit/Tools/etc comes up 
but when I try to open a new file it dies with:

gimp fatal error: shmget failed!

Did I miss something when I compiled the kernel or do I need to add 

Happy Holidays!

Jim S.

BTW, I can't resist telling you all - there will be a new TLUG member 
in May (hopefully a girl! but three sons wouldn't be all bad:-)

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