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imagemaps on a localhost

Hi all,

I've been scratching my head over this one all day. I want to test an image
map locally so I fire up httpd and Netscape and load the page with the image
map click on the map and I keep gettting:

Netscape is unable to locate the server:
The server does not have a DNS entry.

Check the server name in the Location (URL)
and try again.

The map's URL is:

<a href="file://cgi-bin/imagemap/hdd2/webmaster/imagemaps/">
<img src="testmap.gif" ISMAP></a>

I also tried with <a href="http://cgi-bin.....> but no luck. 

Do I have to add something to /etc/resolv.conf to get this to work locally?
Right now all I have is Harenet's DNS entry.

Why should you care? Well, after I get a little more comfortable around maps
I want to add one to the TLUG page to supplement the text links (which will
remain out of defference to those who turn off Rainer's colorful raytrace;-)

Anyone out there less graphically challenged than me want to submit a good
bar-style image for it?

All the best,

Jim S.

Jim Schweizer                JPS Solutions
Consultant                Education Services
Kunitomi 988-18        Tel/Fax:81-(0)86-272-0019
Okayama, Japan 703
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