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Re: JWT's Java response

On Wed, 31 Jul 1996, Jim Tittsler wrote:

> In article <>,
> "C. Oda" <> wrote:
> >JDK (I think).  Kaffe is the same as java in the JDK.
> I don't think so.  Kaffe is capable of JIT compilation, so that
> once it sees a particular part of your code, the next time it
> comes through it will already have a x86 version of it.  It
> benchmarks faster than the Sun interpreter.

Yea, you're right.  I'm downloading it now.  The guavac is
probably also faster than the Sun's because it is written in
C++ instead of Java.  

I took a look at Kaffe and it looks promising.  However, it is
not yet fully implemented.  Also, it does not look like it will
be able to produce standalone binaries in the future.   I'm going
to stick to the Sun compiler and libs for a while.  Kaffe
compiled cleanly for me with no problems, so if anyone wants
to try it out, should be fast.

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