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[Q] Meeting Date

On Thu, 7 Sep 1995, Jim Tittsler wrote:

> In article <>, you wrote:
> > Say Jim, which day is better for you September 24th of October 1st.
> Either looks okay from this distance.  :-)

Is Sunday, October 1st bad for anyone right now?

Currently there is one against September 24th.  If one or more people
indicate that October 1st is a bad, I say we go with September 24th.
Otherwise, we'll set the date at October 1st.   Let's wrap this
up today and then I will make the normal postings to the home page,
tokyo. and fj.os.linux newsgroups, TLUG BBS, and TWICS "LINUX"

If we get speakers before then, I will make a more detailed

How about if I tally the opinions between 17:00 and 18:00 JST
today, Friday?


p.s. that note about the new JE distribution was quite interesting.
I tried to NFS mount my CD-ROM drive last night in order to
install JE on one of my Linux machines.  I couldn't get the
NFS to work.  Then, an interesting drama came on TV, the one
where they are working in a apparel design company, and I
gave up on NFS.  I am thinking of installing the full JE
distribution in order to test out Japanese TeX.  Is there
anything special about NFS under Linux?

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