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Re: NFS CD-ROM access

In article <>,
Craig Oda <> wrote:

> I tried to NFS mount my CD-ROM drive last night in order to
> install JE on one of my Linux machines.  I couldn't get the
> NFS to work. [...]  Is there
> anything special about NFS under Linux?

Not that I've noticed.  I use it all of the time here in the office
and at home, especially to put CD-ROM drives on machines that don't
have them.  :-)
  mount -t nfs pengu:/cdrom /cdrom
with the appropriate /etc/exports permissions works.

Just last weekend I even used the Slackware "install from NFS" to do
the initial installation on a machine here in the office to get at a
remote CD-ROM.  Worked quite nicely.  I'm slowly spreading the Linux
virus here in the office.  UMSDOS makes Linux a bit more contagious.  :-)


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