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Linux won't find 2nd HDD

Hey everybody,
Ready for a newbie question? I'm trying to install slackware pro v2.3 
onto an AST LC with a primary HDD (hda) and a 2ndary drive -- a Western 
Digital 1280 MB. At this time it is a DOS/WIN machine. The BIOS doesn't 
see anything over 520 so I load "disk manager" software in config.sys.

I want to load Linux onto the 2nd HDD without repartitioning using the 
umsdos file system (since this will still be a dos/win machine 50+% of 
the time).

Now, the problem.... When Linux first boots up it "sees" the drive and 
registers it correctly. 2448 cyl, 16 heads and 63 sectors. But once I log 
in as root and go to setup and target ONLY /dev/hda shows up. If I go to 
"fdisk -l" hda shows up and is fine but it complains about hdb being too 
many cyl, etc. OK -- now in the BIOS hdb (HDD #2) is listed as 1024 cyl, 16 
heads and 63 sectors; so I thought maybe it is just in conflict over the 
real drive inf. So I added the line "ramdisk hdb=2484,16,63" at LILO's boot 
prompt. No dice still doesn't show up. So, back to fdisk, -p, ONLY hda 
shows up! (fdisk -l will still show both drives) so I tried fdisk, -x, -p 
and still only hda shows up!!
So, I am throwing this out to all you Linux-Wizards how can I do what I 


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