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Re: [tlug] Looking for employment

Hello Dave!

We are a worker cooperative based in Yugawara, Japan 

There are nominally 10 worker cooperators at the moment but I am the
only person engaged in any real paid work πŸ˜…οΈ (and even then, my work
is pretty lightweight at the moment)   and Yes, we are 100% remote

If you are interested, come join our Coop Casual Conference this
Thursday(17:00JST) [and this is not only for us but all IT worker coops
and friends] - my apologies in advance if I am not there due to Sakura
daytrip but I am often there.


A weekly meeting (Thursdays at 08:00 UTC AND at 17:00 UTC in the big
blue button room: access code: ccc)
where we can chat about shared challenges, experiences, and best
practices for worker coops! 


On Mon, 2024-03-18 at 13:30 -0600, David J Iannucci wrote:
> Not sure why it took me so long to think to post something here...
> I'm looking for tech work (s/w dev or honestly anything adjacent
> enough
> for me to be able to do it)... specifically as regards this group,
> that would
> mean a remote job, as I'm guessing the chances someone will have a
> lead for me in my current meatspace stomping grounds of Salt Lake
> City,
> Utah, are slim, and I'm not prepared to move at this point.
> I've been hunting for months now, and having a hard time of it,
> because let's face it, I'm a bit of a dinosaur... more (I like to
> think)
> on paper than in reality, but "on paper" is all the hiring people
> will
> see. I recently read something about ageism in tech hiring, and let's
> just say it's not hard for me to believe this is a problem, based on
> my
> experience :=(
> As many of you know, I'm a long time Linux user, and have done
> software
> dev on Linux (and other UNIX and UNIX-like) and some low-key sysadmin
> on
> Linux for many years. And, apropos of this group, I am highly fluent
> in
> Japanese, including reading and writing. Would love to have a tech
> job
> that makes use of that language skill that I've spent many years
> cultivating, but... not holding my breath.
> Some of you who might have leads or want to help will no doubt ask
> immediately what my skills are, and the answers can be found at:
> Β
> (btw, if you would want to link to me on LI, I would welcome that).
> Note that one of the reasons I've languished career-wise is that I
> spent
> the 2010s [1] getting a PhD in linguistics (while still working s/w
> day
> jobs). I don't expect this degree to help me in my current pursuit,
> but
> sometimes I wonder how much it's hurting me :=(
> If you know of a position that needs a (remote?) developer, where
> they
> are willing to look at someone like me who is older and has a good,
> strong UNIX/Linux and programming background, but is not (yet) up to
> date on all the latest sexy tech that the world desires (clouds,
> container-
> ization, DevOps, うんぬん), but where they are willing to give me a
> chance
> to catch up on that stuff (or whatever other aspects of their dev
> environs), then I'd be happy to hear about it, and to send a resume
> and
> letter directly. And if they want someone who can work in Japanese,
> if
> that gives me a leg up, all the better (then I'll really need to get
> my
> input method problems solved, finally ;=)
> Thanks for reading and γ‚ˆγ‚γ—γγŠι‘˜γ„γ—γΎγ™,
> Dave
> [1] This is pronounced "twenty-teens", not "twenty-tens" ;=P :=)

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