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[tlug] Looking for employment

Not sure why it took me so long to think to post something here...

I'm looking for tech work (s/w dev or honestly anything adjacent enough
for me to be able to do it)... specifically as regards this group, that would
mean a remote job, as I'm guessing the chances someone will have a
lead for me in my current meatspace stomping grounds of Salt Lake City,
Utah, are slim, and I'm not prepared to move at this point.

I've been hunting for months now, and having a hard time of it,
because let's face it, I'm a bit of a dinosaur... more (I like to think)
on paper than in reality, but "on paper" is all the hiring people will
see. I recently read something about ageism in tech hiring, and let's
just say it's not hard for me to believe this is a problem, based on my
experience :=(

As many of you know, I'm a long time Linux user, and have done software
dev on Linux (and other UNIX and UNIX-like) and some low-key sysadmin on
Linux for many years. And, apropos of this group, I am highly fluent in
Japanese, including reading and writing. Would love to have a tech job
that makes use of that language skill that I've spent many years
cultivating, but... not holding my breath.

Some of you who might have leads or want to help will no doubt ask
immediately what my skills are, and the answers can be found at:

(btw, if you would want to link to me on LI, I would welcome that).

Note that one of the reasons I've languished career-wise is that I spent
the 2010s [1] getting a PhD in linguistics (while still working s/w day
jobs). I don't expect this degree to help me in my current pursuit, but
sometimes I wonder how much it's hurting me :=(

If you know of a position that needs a (remote?) developer, where they
are willing to look at someone like me who is older and has a good,
strong UNIX/Linux and programming background, but is not (yet) up to
date on all the latest sexy tech that the world desires (clouds, container-
ization, DevOps, うんぬん), but where they are willing to give me a chance
to catch up on that stuff (or whatever other aspects of their dev
environs), then I'd be happy to hear about it, and to send a resume and
letter directly. And if they want someone who can work in Japanese, if
that gives me a leg up, all the better (then I'll really need to get my
input method problems solved, finally ;=)

Thanks for reading and よろしくお願いします,

[1] This is pronounced "twenty-teens", not "twenty-tens" ;=P :=)

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