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Re: [tlug] Wanted: LED stripes, controllable from Linux

There are plenty of light strips on Amazon JP that don’t require using a physical remote or a phone app. I use a bunch of Zigbee lights throughout my place, it’s a mix of Philips Hue where I care about color + functions (accent lights that sync to media with HyperHDR), IKEA Tradfri where I care about color but not functions (ceiling lights), and and cheap no-name (GLEDOPTO) where I don’t care about either (footlights). I have them linked up via Zigbee2MQTT to Home Assistant, through which I can control them from whatever I want. Though I use the Hue bridge for the Hue lights for the media sync functions, but it’s not strictly necessary.

> Looking up 'LED stripe RGB' on Amazon Japan brings up much,
> but these devices mostly have a physical remote control and/or
> mobile phone app.  Statement whether an open interface to control
> LED colour/brightness is available would help, but is missing.

I find that the best shopping method for such things is to browse through what lights are officially supported by Home Assistant. If Home Assistant supports it, it probably has an open or sufficiently reverse-engineered interface for use with whatever you want. There are lots of fairly standard light strips that you can craft an ESPHome controller for too.

Brian Clemens
Vice President and Co-founder
Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation

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