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Re: [tlug] Wanted: LED stripes, controllable from Linux

Hi Christian,

I know -- you said not sold from another part of the world -- but once
you implied "programmable", I thought of Adafruit (based in New York,
I think).

You can take a look at this: .
Or this for the search term: .

I'm sure somewhere in Kanto should have this...  Last time I was in
Akihabara (long time ago; pre-covid), I tried to find a shop that sold
stuff similar to Adafruit, but was unable to find one.

Good luck!


On Sun, Oct 1, 2023 at 10:42 AM Christian Horn <> wrote:
> Hoi tlug,
> I moved to a different room, it's a bit dark in the evening.
> Has someone recommendations for 'LED stripes' which are
> - ideally available in Japan (i.e. not shippable in 4 weeks
>   from $other-part-of-the-world)
> - where the LEDs can one by one be controlled, for brightness
>   and RGB
> Looking up 'LED stripe RGB' on Amazon Japan brings up much,
> but these devices mostly have a physical remote control and/or
> mobile phone app.  Statement whether an open interface to control
> LED colour/brightness is available would help, but is missing.
> I saw LED stripes around in TLUG video sessions, not sure if these
> were bought 'as is' or soldered/fabricated.
> These stripes have a chip, and the Tasmota page lists also LED stripes
> which can be loaded with Tamota - but from what I see these are mostly
> older models, no longer sold.
> Project looks also promising, seems focused on controlling
> the LEDs inside of computers but also supports strips.
> Anybody using such devices?
> cheers,
> Chris

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