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Re: [tlug] Wanted: LED stripes, controllable from Linux

In 2015 I wrote a DMA driver for a raspberrypi zero which I used to send data to the gpio pins to control all manner of things -- including various generic led strips. Then a few years ago I saw and adapted to use the SMI peripheral instead. Soon after, the same person wrote which I haven't really looked at, but which might suit your needs if you don't mind using an extra device connected to your led strip. The rpis of course can run linux, and/or can be networked to be controlled from some other linux box, but you could also just use any old microcontroller instead if the initial controller doesn't have to be linux.

On Mon, Oct 2, 2023 at 6:52 AM Raymond Wan <> wrote:
Hi Christian,

I know -- you said not sold from another part of the world -- but once
you implied "programmable", I thought of Adafruit (based in New York,
I think).

You can take a look at this: .
Or this for the search term: .

I'm sure somewhere in Kanto should have this...  Last time I was in
Akihabara (long time ago; pre-covid), I tried to find a shop that sold
stuff similar to Adafruit, but was unable to find one.

Good luck!


On Sun, Oct 1, 2023 at 10:42 AM Christian Horn <> wrote:
> Hoi tlug,
> I moved to a different room, it's a bit dark in the evening.
> Has someone recommendations for 'LED stripes' which are
> - ideally available in Japan (i.e. not shippable in 4 weeks
>   from $other-part-of-the-world)
> - where the LEDs can one by one be controlled, for brightness
>   and RGB
> Looking up 'LED stripe RGB' on Amazon Japan brings up much,
> but these devices mostly have a physical remote control and/or
> mobile phone app.  Statement whether an open interface to control
> LED colour/brightness is available would help, but is missing.
> I saw LED stripes around in TLUG video sessions, not sure if these
> were bought 'as is' or soldered/fabricated.
> These stripes have a chip, and the Tasmota page lists also LED stripes
> which can be loaded with Tamota - but from what I see these are mostly
> older models, no longer sold.
> Project looks also promising, seems focused on controlling
> the LEDs inside of computers but also supports strips.
> Anybody using such devices?
> cheers,
> Chris

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