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Re: [tlug] Looking for a job for my foreign friend

Hello lain,

Rainlab might have a place for someone with a strong IT background like that.
Could you point them at our website?

They can find details and contact info there.

B. Wilson

"lain." <> wrote:
> Greetings.
> A foreigner friend of mine is currently employed at a Japanese web
> engineering company that's really suffering economically as of late, and
> they are about to go bankrupt in a few months from now.
> While the entire rest of the company had no problems finding a new job,
> this one person is struggling just because of his nationality.
> His employer even admitted that due to misconduct by CCP members last
> year, most companies have chosen to instantly reject all foreign job
> hunters, regardless of whether they're Chinese or not.
> So I figured I would ask here if somebody can provide a job for him.
> He has been working exclusively at Japanese companies for 5 years, he's
> not a native speaker of either English nor Japanese, but speaks both
> really well, although with slight wording issues.
> He has 16+ years work experience in web development, both backend and
> frontend, and roughly 6 years experience with game development as well.
> His preference is getting a job as a game programmer, but web developer
> or server/network/infra admin is fine too.
> His strongest points in game development are in C, C++, SDL, and OpenGL.
> His strongest points in web development are PHP, MySQL, Go, HTML, and
> CSS.
> His strongest points in sysadmin are Linux, Free- and OpenBSD, command
> line (he lives in the terminal), and so on.
> In either of the 2 PG ones, he can adapt to other languages pretty easily.
> He also has a really strong no bullshit mindset, so if he's in charge of
> programming, he'd rather not deal with customer support, or vice versa,
> as an example.
> In a meritocratic society, he'd be a very sought after candidate.
> Unfortunately, we currently live in an identity driven society, so
> nobody wants him, just for not having "the one and only" nationality.
> Work can be in either Japanese or English or both, but given his
> entirety in Japan has been in Japanese companies with no foreigners at
> the same workplace, he might feel more at home in a Japanese company.
> If anyone knows anything, feel free to email me privately, I can then
> provide contact information to him (if you're the one willing to hire).

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