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[tlug] Looking for a job for my foreign friend


A foreigner friend of mine is currently employed at a Japanese web
engineering company that's really suffering economically as of late, and
they are about to go bankrupt in a few months from now.
While the entire rest of the company had no problems finding a new job,
this one person is struggling just because of his nationality.
His employer even admitted that due to misconduct by CCP members last
year, most companies have chosen to instantly reject all foreign job
hunters, regardless of whether they're Chinese or not.

So I figured I would ask here if somebody can provide a job for him.
He has been working exclusively at Japanese companies for 5 years, he's
not a native speaker of either English nor Japanese, but speaks both
really well, although with slight wording issues.
He has 16+ years work experience in web development, both backend and
frontend, and roughly 6 years experience with game development as well.

His preference is getting a job as a game programmer, but web developer
or server/network/infra admin is fine too.
His strongest points in game development are in C, C++, SDL, and OpenGL.
His strongest points in web development are PHP, MySQL, Go, HTML, and
His strongest points in sysadmin are Linux, Free- and OpenBSD, command
line (he lives in the terminal), and so on.
In either of the 2 PG ones, he can adapt to other languages pretty easily.
He also has a really strong no bullshit mindset, so if he's in charge of
programming, he'd rather not deal with customer support, or vice versa,
as an example.

In a meritocratic society, he'd be a very sought after candidate.
Unfortunately, we currently live in an identity driven society, so
nobody wants him, just for not having "the one and only" nationality.

Work can be in either Japanese or English or both, but given his
entirety in Japan has been in Japanese companies with no foreigners at
the same workplace, he might feel more at home in a Japanese company.
If anyone knows anything, feel free to email me privately, I can then
provide contact information to him (if you're the one willing to hire).


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