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Re: [tlug] Wanted: LED stripes, controllable from Linux

On Oct 1, 2023, at 2:33 AM, Christian Horn <> wrote:

Hoi tlug,

I moved to a different room, it's a bit dark in the evening.
Has someone recommendations for 'LED stripes' which are

- ideally available in Japan (i.e. not shippable in 4 weeks
 from $other-part-of-the-world)
- where the LEDs can one by one be controlled, for brightness
 and RGB

Looking up 'LED stripe RGB' on Amazon Japan brings up much,
but these devices mostly have a physical remote control and/or
mobile phone app.  Statement whether an open interface to control
LED colour/brightness is available would help, but is missing.

I saw LED stripes around in TLUG video sessions, not sure if these
were bought 'as is' or soldered/fabricated.

These stripes have a chip, and the Tasmota page lists also LED stripes
which can be loaded with Tamota - but from what I see these are mostly
older models, no longer sold.
Project looks also promising, seems focused on controlling
the LEDs inside of computers but also supports strips.

Anybody using such devices?


I’ve been using the ESP8266 & ESP32’s for the last few years to control addressable LED strips in C++ with the FastLED lib.
I would highly recommend starting there if you enjoy coding.

Tim Osburn - W7XS
+1 (206) 612-0207

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