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Re: [tlug] Receiving money internationally

Benjamin Kowarsch writes:

 > There are online banks most European countries where you can open a bank
 > account without being present in person. However, they will either require
 > residence within the EU or within the country, or a connection with the
 > country where the bank account is to be opened.

That presently restricts me to the US, or the UK.

 > In the UK it is very easy to obtain a limited company without any need to
 > travel there. The fee is 25 UKP at company house.

That's reasonable but leaves me without a bank account.  Doing that by
myself would be more complex than warranted, I think.  It's got to be
cheaper than a wire transfer to be worth doing.

 > but it shouldn't exceed more than a few hundred pounds total.

This contract is structured in a way that I'll be working part time,
and not all that many hours.  A few hundred pounds will be a
significant fraction of the total, I think.  I'll keep your advice in
mind for future use, though.  It's possible this could turn into an
ongoing relationship, although the expertise I'm providing now is
likely to be acquired on the job by my client's regular developers.
On the other hand, the potential clientele in the field is global.


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