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Re: [tlug] Help with fsck and ocfs2 (or even ext4?)...

Hi Fernando,

Sorry to you as well for the late reply!

On Mon, Sep 20, 2021 at 5:44 PM Schwartz, Fernando G. <> wrote:
> On 9/19/21 18:21, Raymond Wan wrote:
> > Thanks for this!  The numbers I showed were for fsck and not actual
> > reading/writing.  Nevertheless, access to this file system has been slow
> > before this problem occurred.
> >
> > Perhaps I will look into it later, but at the moment, I'm more concerned
> > about data loss and how I can get this file system back into read/write
> > mode.  More efficient data access will be on my "to do" list after I
> > solve this problem.
> What I meant is I don't think you will solve the file system problem
> with connectivity problem on " SAN " config. " Magic # errors " are
> consistent with connectivity problems + rate is very low + ...
> I know tackling the connectivity is a pain but I'm pretty sure about it.

Well, it is quite possible that there is some kind of connectivity
problem on the SAN and the network switch.  Access to it is slow, even
though the vendor had looked at it during a troubleshoot session not
long again and didn't find anything (I appreciate that the warranty
covers this and not just hardware issues; though they didn't look too

But, this aside, the file system also does have a problem...  I mean,
connectivity between a server and the SAN was cut during a write
operation...  I'm 100% sure of that and couldn't stop it from

So, I think I might have two problems on my hands.  I'll look at the
switch's VLAN settings again -- thank you!


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