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Re: [tlug] Help with fsck and ocfs2 (or even ext4?)...

Hi Fernando,

On 19/9/2021 8:11 pm, Schwartz, Fernando G. wrote:
On 9/18/21 15:24, Raymond Wan wrote:
I'm having a problem with a file system at work and I'm unfortunately
not very good with these type of problems.

Greetings to you all! Judging by the figures you're reading under " rate
", I'm pretty sure to affirm you've got connectivity problems in place.
Transfer rates here are too slow for a file system to work, in my book.

Look therefore for a faulty, overloaded switch, cables and such on the
path between the devices.

Thanks for this! The numbers I showed were for fsck and not actual reading/writing. Nevertheless, access to this file system has been slow before this problem occurred.

Perhaps I will look into it later, but at the moment, I'm more concerned about data loss and how I can get this file system back into read/write mode. More efficient data access will be on my "to do" list after I solve this problem.

As for file systems of choice, I definitely don't appreciate Oracle as a
company. I always go where the community is in control.

Fair enough. But OCFS2 was developed by Oracle but has since been released as GPL. Perhaps it's poor marketing to have "Oracle" in the name... But based on my question on ServerFault which received very little (= none) replies, I guess the number of people or organizations with an interest in this is small (i.e., relative to ext4, for example). Given that, it's probably hard to have something like this without some company, whether it's Oracle or RedHat, to start things along.

As far as I can tell, there is nothing that comes close to OCFS2 or GFS2 where the community "is in control". If you know of one that's a reasonable competitor, feel free to let me know as I would like to see before I create a file system with 70 TiB in it...

Thanks for the feedback!


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