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Re: [tlug] FotoKilof gui for Imagemagick

>> I'd missed out the explanation, sorry. On Ubuntu (*), and derivatives
>> like Mint, `python` is Python 2 and you have to type `python3` to get
>> Python 3. Similarly `pip` is tied to Python2, so you normally need to
>> type `pip3`.

Jim wrote:
> Starting with Ubuntu 20.04, there are packages python-is-python3 and
> python-is-python2 which create symlinks to set the default version.

So is the python 2 dep in Ubuntu completely gone now? Or is python 2.7
still going to be there, under the surface? (I tried to find something
authoritative, but could only find pages from 2018 saying they didn't
think they'd be able to remove all the python 2.x deps before 18.04 LTS...)


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