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Re: [tlug] FotoKilof gui for Imagemagick

> python3 --version says: 3.8.5

> sudo python says:  Python 2.7.18

I'd missed out the explanation, sorry. On Ubuntu (*), and derivatives
like Mint, `python` is Python 2 and you have to type `python3` to get
Python 3. Similarly `pip` is tied to Python2, so you normally need to
type `pip3`.

This has nothing to do with `sudo` vs. normal user.

*: And maybe it goes back to Debian, and that the distros rely on python
2.7 scripts that still haven't been ported to python 3.

> Wow. So is there a way I can change the default?

Yes, if you use Anaconda to manage your Python environments, `python`
and `python3` do the same thing.

That is almost certainly not worth the trouble for running one application.

Or I guess you could put something in .bashrc so that `python` is an
alias to `python3`. I've never tried, but I think that is what Anaconda
is doing.


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