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Re: [tlug] FotoKilof gui for Imagemagick

On Mon, Jan 25, 2021 at 4:38 PM Darren Cook <> wrote:
> *: And maybe it goes back to Debian, and that the distros rely on python
> 2.7 scripts that still haven't been ported to python 3.

I've never tried it myself, but it seems one could use
"update-alternatives" to switch between the two versions of Python
under Debian.  I just found this article (See "Change python version

Not sure if that helps you (Ralph).

> > Wow. So is there a way I can change the default?
> Yes, if you use Anaconda to manage your Python environments, `python`
> and `python3` do the same thing.
> That is almost certainly not worth the trouble for running one application.
> Or I guess you could put something in .bashrc so that `python` is an
> alias to `python3`. I've never tried, but I think that is what Anaconda
> is doing.

Anaconda modifies one's .bashrc by adding the "conda" program to the
path.  When you switch to an Anaconda environment, it prepends the
environment's bin/ path to the $PATH variable.  AFAIK, that's all that
Anaconda seems to be doing.


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