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Re: [tlug] buying a iMAC

Deepika Ghuriani writes:

 > What they told us in the shop was that iMAC machines are assembled  in
 > China only once we specify and complete our order and then they ship it .
 > This was something new to me

This is true for all the high-end stuff.  Sometimes you'll see a
particular combination that they'll push out at a loss-leader price,
but in general if you want to get exactly what you need, you not only
have to pay for it but you have to wait for it.  There are lots of
combinations, it doesn't make sense to try to stock all of them,
unlike typical undergraduate lib arts major machines that barely run
Word and Excel.

 > > If you like Macs, you're free to buy a Mac Pro from Apple,  they'll be
 > > happy to sell you 1.5TB of RAM for the low, low price of 28000
 > > EUR extra,

Good lord, I think that's what I paid for my first two sticks of 64MB
RAM.  Low, low price indeed!

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