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Re: [tlug] Laptop and Macbook related query


1.  What is the maximum life of a macbook / windows /linux laptop you
have used and during that period how often did you have to replace its
accessories ?

Macbook Pro 2011 15" (Core i7 3rd gen, 16GB MEM, i915 + radeon)
* running Linux on it
  * Also recently Multi-GPU is handled better in GNU/Linux/Xorg
* still using original charger with minimal cable damages. (I take good
  care of cables)
  * I have to say that those cables are very easily damaged.
* original battery, still holds around an hour of charge. (I take good
  care of batteries)
* had to replace SATA cable once (internal SATA cable is breaking out of
  nowhere apparently, after 6-7 years)
* got mainboard replaced free because of initial design issues (PCB not
  handling GPU heat, and eventually dGPU not functioning)
* The best keyboard and touchpad I have ever used. I was even able to
  have accurate railgun shots in Q3A using Trackpad (on OSX), and with
  libinput on Linux, it was still very good.
  * On OSX, CMD button placement is not perfect, causes thumb pain after
    heavy use.

* Overall, I can say that this was the best computer I have ever used in
  my life (my life with computers is since 1993). If re-produced, with
  parts available, I would buy the same machine again.

2. Which software have you been using for document editing in macbook

* LibreOffice in Linux, was using Pages when I used to use OSX on it.
  (Never cared for micros~1 compatibility)

 I am planning to replace my macbook hence looking out for these
inputs to make a decision. Would really appreciate it if you all can
provide me with some inputs on this.

Although the machine is still okay, the replacement parts are not easily
available. Most important being the battery. I needed battery time, and
I've started to look for replacements;

* I have bought Librem 13", it was a HUGE disappointment
  * hinge broke in 6 months (and I take good care of my laptop hinges
    too, MBP2011 hinge is just fine after 9 years)
    * got a replacement, and replacement's hinge started to hint that
      it's going to break soon. So I am not using that laptop as a
      portable machine anymore.

* Have bought Pinebook Pro, for lightweight uses, but not managed to get
  a working setup yet.

* Have bought Thinkpad E495 Ryzen series
  * Now using this as daily driver
  * Power management, and (power) throttling issues are a disaster
    * Especially if you use firefox, it is almost unbearable.
  * Although keyboard is one of the best keyboards in some aspects,
    * Placement of Page-up, Page-down, Home, End keys are worst. And
      effecting my productivity.

  * Other than these, the machine is solid. Price-wise cheap but not
    quality-wise cheap.

* Recently, just because of lack of satisfying options, I am considering
  of buying a junk 2010~2014 MBP shell (with working screen, keyboard,
  and trackpad), and replace to board with a good ARM64 SBC, as an
  experiment. Not sure when I'm going to be able to do that.

Furkan Mustafa

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