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[tlug] Laptop and Macbook related query

Hi All , 

Hope you all are doing well in this pandemic period. 
This is not linux related but a general laptop and macbook related query, (If you think this is not the right platform pls feel free to remove it and pls guide me where can this be posted to get the genuine feedback ) :

1.  What is the maximum life of a macbook / windows /linux laptop you have used and during that period how often did you have to replace its accessories ?
      ( I am using my macbook pro since 2012 and had to replace my charging cable 3 times in this duration  )
2. Which software have you been using for document editing in macbook ( which replaces microsoft word ) 

 I am planning to replace my macbook hence looking out for these inputs to make a decision. Would really appreciate it if you all can provide me with some inputs on this.

Thanks and regards


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