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[tlug] Fwd: Re: Laptop and Macbook related query

On 9/26/20 12:21 AM, Deepika Ghuriani wrote:
      ( I am using my macbook pro since 2012 and had to replace my charging cable 3 times in this duration  )
I finally added a strain relief to my laptop that keeps the stress of moving the laptop around from getting to the connector. In my case the Dell laptop power cord has a velcro strap used for wrapping the cord when it isn't in use. I use a small stick-on velcro patch on the laptop and when I plug the power supply into the laptop, I also connect the strap to the velcro which keeps the movement of the laptop from being transferred through the cable to the connector. I haven't had any problems with the power connector since.

Steve S.

PS: sorry. Sent this directly to Deepika but ment to "reply list."

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