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[tlug] OT: Japans digitilization


I hope I'm not to far off topic.

When dealing with hanko, fax machines and much paper in Japan,
that is seen by most as a burden, and inefficient.

There is one good thing thou about it:
if things are digitilized and go wrong, then not just money, but
our data is at stakes here.  Considering how the recent 7-11 ecash
thing (and other activities) went, maybe it's better to be unmodern?

So there was (again) an announcement to digitilize Japan,

Reminds me much of Germany, where we typically have that cycle:
- government announces something
- burocrats lay down a way to do something
- "voices" express why this can not work, and if implemented 
  things can (and are likely) to go horribly wrong

In Germany, these "voices" are typically members of the CCC [0],
when reading the above I was just wondering how likely it is 
that the government will get proper counseling there (not like 
7-11 first implement, then ask..).



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