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Re: [tlug] OT: Japans digitilization

Hi Christian,

On Sun, Sep 27, 2020 at 5:43 PM Christian Horn <> wrote:
> When dealing with hanko, fax machines and much paper in Japan,
> that is seen by most as a burden, and inefficient.

Yeah, I'm sort of following the news and it's unfortunate when (some)
Japanese people are asked about hanko's, they act rather defensive.
At least, the few people that I had talked to, they sort of apologise
for an "archaic" system.

But there is currently a serious trust issue in regards to digital
systems and, sadly, we need a paper trail in order to trace things.

Actually, hanko's are not specific to Japan.  We have them here in
Hong Kong but for specific cases.  Usually for a company or a
university department.  It's brought out for something "serious" like
receiving a shipment.

<whine>Like when something work-related is sent to me and I receive
it, they don't accept my signature.  Instead, I need to use the
stamp/chop, which is not surprisingly at the main office.  Which
requires me to run to the next building...  Ironically, if you went
back later to ask the Holder of the Chop (TM) who used it that day to
receive a delivery, there is no record.  But, the person delivering
requires a chop...</whine>

I think in Japan, in this situation, the person's hanko would be
accepted?  <eyeroll>

And I have heard of one case where someone has to sign in Canada to
gain access to their bank account.  But their hand that
puts the bank teller in a difficult situation.

Here (sorry, you opened a can of worms about the things here that irk
me), they forced us to use 2FA for banking.  Then, they had this
brilliant idea to merge it with our phones for "convenience".
Really...I think they just wanted to not pay for a 2FA token device,
even though I'm happy to pay for it...  So, previously, I can leave
the hardware token safely locked at home.  But now, one has to carry
it around.  Imagine the stress of losing one's phone!

Ok...sorry...I'll stop whining...

Hanko's aren't that bad.  Neither are faxes.  Hopefully they spend
some time thinking of a better option...


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