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Re: [tlug] Introduction to (Tech) Worker Cooperatives, 09:00AM on Sunday, July 12th JST


I'm watching the thread, so much stuff to learn. Especially the details about
cooperatives in Germany. I will look into details of these.

We're running a semi-cooperative company (legally a KK though) in Japan, called
Rainlab. ( another shameless plug, )

Although economically it's a cooperative, management wise it's mostly a BDFL approach. It's more like nested 個人事業(individual businesses) under a corporation, benefiting
a shared public entity. etc.

So far (8~ years,) it is seriously difficult to achieve a reasonably fair internal system. Definitely depends on software to calculate all the things. And needs fairness
/convinience trade-offs sometimes.

Cooperative management wise, actual cooperativeness of all members vary a lot, and it effects many details. It all boils down to the mixture of people I guess. I find it very difficult to manage something collectively in a democratic way, or a full consensus way, or anarchist way. Although some expermental democratic methods could
be tried..

I'm very interested in discussions regarding this matter.

Furkan Mustafa

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