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Re: [tlug] What do you use for simple monitoring?

On Mon, Apr 15, 2019 at 02:17:04PM +0200, Christian Horn wrote:
> Hi tlug,
> For availability monitoring, something like Nagios or Zabbix
> comes to mind, but this is to heavy for my single server with
> just some services.
> I consider to just use a shellscript which checks some things
> and sends an email if a returncode is not as expected.

What about monit? I don't think it's too heavy, and it usually notices a
service is down and tries to restart it.

I think there's a default monit.conf with examples, but a typical entry
for a DNS server

eck process named with pidfile /var/run/named/pid
  start program = "/etc/rc.d/named start"
  stop program = "/etc/rc.d/named stop"

It can also easily be configured to send notifications.

Scott Robbins
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