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[tlug] Fujitsu Lifebook PH50/E needing repair help... anyone?

Hello everyone... normally I would lurk however...

I have a Fujitsu Lifebook PH50/E Laptop and I am needing to sort out
reflashing the EFI firmware and resetting the NVRAM content equivalent
to a "factory" state.

I have managed to boot this laptop *once* with Ubuntu Linux however on
resetting the Windows 10 installation weas no longer bootable,  nor
would it respond to the built-in keyboard.
Firmware runs,  excessively delayed before any form of display occurs
then will sit in a halt state indefinitely.

if anyone is able to offer advice or possibly help in restoring the
laptop here back to a workable condition?

If anyone with the same type of laptop is willing to help "reset" the
firmware and nvram on this problem machine?

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