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Re: [tlug] Journals, Authors and 'Free Peer Review'

On Tuesday, September 25, 2018 07:47 PM, Darren Cook wrote:
fields still do not.  I wished they did...then I don't need to have
Microsoft Word installed in a Win10 virtualbox...

So they are using sophisticated/unusual features, and libre office won't
work? Or you've been bitten once, and refused to try again.

(I often encourage people to use the latter, so I am always interested
in genuine cases where it is incompatible.)

Well, I'm not sure about "won't work" -- it looks different. I was just asked a few days ago by a colleague who had until now worked with Microsoft Word and sat in front of an Ubuntu desktop for the first time. Her file opened, but everything looked "different". I didn't ask for a side-by-side comparison but I guess the location of the paragraphs were off or something? I didn't look carefully but I think there were in-line images and it was the way the text flowed around them. When it comes to WYSIWYG, there is an expectation that it should look identical...

But if Word has been used for so long, it's funny that it becomes the benchmark to which others compare with.

When the university has purchased a site license so that every computer on campus has a license, there isn't much us libreoffice users can do to counteract that. At least, all administrative staff are using Microsoft Office, so that has a trickle down effect on everyone else (if we want to read what they wrote). In addition to that, all staff can have an additional license for one home computer (which "must" be used for work).

Microsoft's marketing using their academic license is incredible. Don't get me started on their Office 365 e-mail...all of our e-mails have been switched to that within the last 1-2 years. I can retrieve it find with Imap/Pop3 and Thunderbird, but I know behind the scenes, they switched to an off-site Microsoft-based e-mail service.

Interesting point. I'd have said yes - an arxiv search should be done
when doing journal searches. But then I mostly read computer science

Oops!! Sorry, I should have given credit where credit was due...

The points I raised weren't actually by me but by an ACM society that was conducting a survey last year that was asking for opinions from their members. That's when I realized this whole issue of preprint servers is by no means "solved".

I remember staring at the questions and thinking a long time about them... One of those surveys where you answer the first few very quickly and then you realize your latter ones contradict what you already said. ("Where is that Back button? :-) )

I should probably find out if the results of the survey are public. Perhaps if they are, I will send a link to them.


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