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Re: [tlug] Journals, Authors and 'Free Peer Review'

> fields still do not.  I wished they did...then I don't need to have
> Microsoft Word installed in a Win10 virtualbox...

So they are using sophisticated/unusual features, and libre office won't
work? Or you've been bitten once, and refused to try again.

(I often encourage people to use the latter, so I am always interested
in genuine cases where it is incompatible.)

> my workplace gives credit to publication in journals and not
> that's what I'll do.  ;-(

That was my thought: when it comes to grant renewal, published in Nature
is going to sound so much better than "published on my blog", even if
ten leading figures in your field left a thumbs up in the comments.

Published in a prestigious journal is also a PR opportunity for
a university, again earning you brownie points.

> If I'm reviewing for aforementioned journal and I came across this
> earlier work in ArXiv, do I point out or criticize the author for not
> citing this work in ArXiv?

Interesting point. I'd have said yes - an arxiv search should be done
when doing journal searches. But then I mostly read computer science
papers, and if a reference doesn't come with a URL it feels weird. And
you sometimes *will* see blog posts cited. Even a stack overflow answer!


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