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Re: [tlug] Journals, Authors and 'Free Peer Review'

On Tuesday, September 25, 2018 05:38 PM, Benjamin Kowarsch wrote:
On 25 September 2018 at 18:06, Curt Sampson < <>> wrote:
    Except that it seems that the pretty formatting is
    almost invariably
    done by the author, not the journal. At least in the
    world of
    LaTeX-using journals, they expect a source file using
    their templates
    and whatnot that will produce camera-ready copy.
Absolutely. Many journals will reject submissions if they are not formatted and polished in the way they want them.

As I just mentioned to Curt, I (like many of you?) may be from a computing background, but I was speaking on behalf of my new adopted field (??? though the field might try to return me for a refund at any time ;-) ) which doesn't operate like what you're thinking.

"Many", I guess, refers to the engineering fields. Other fields still do not. I wished they did...then I don't need to have Microsoft Word installed in a Win10 virtualbox...

Indeed, neither authors nor peer reviewers get paid anything. Both are putting that work in free of charge.

If the authors and peer reviewers are not employed by a university or research organisation to do this work, then the publishers are effectively abusing them as free labour. And if the authors and reviewers are employed and paid by universities or research organisations to do the work, then the publishers leech off that by making the public pay for this work TWICE.

It is a bit of a give and take...

Yes, peer reviewers are not employed by journals, but we hope that every once in a while, the tables are turned those that peer review end up being authors and they will need people to peer review their work. If some institute staff is always peer reviewing and never gets a chance to get their own work done, then the system is a bit lopsided and they need to start saying "no" to peer reviewing. Of course, if staff stop publishing, journals will also stop asking them... Well, good journals, of course.

Predatory journals are like predatory _____ (insert whatever word you want here!). There's no point is using the worst as an example all the time.

If any of you are publishing articles, just put your work on before you submit it to any journal.

More and more articles are now published in this way and the journals don't treat this as an impediment, they treat the rendering as it appears in the journal as their property while the "pre-print" version published on remains the property of the author, licensed to under non-exclusivity.

Well, not all journals look positively on . I think some are still "on the fence" and aren't sure what to do about it.

It does open a can of worms that few people want to address. For example, if I submit a manuscript to a journal, am I obligated to cite earlier work that was submitted to ArXiv, knowing that it hasn't yet been through the process of peer review? I am? If so, then should I cite someone who said they did a preliminary study but reported it on their homepage or their blog? Where does one draw the line?

If I'm reviewing for aforementioned journal and I came across this earlier work in ArXiv, do I point out or criticize the author for not citing this work in ArXiv?

Some people put work into ArXiv because it is a preliminary, pre-print version. But, it also doesn't stop the opposite...people who put it into ArXiv because it couldn't get into anywhere else. I was doing a literature search for something I'm working on and found something in ArXiv that was posted about 2 years ago but never got published I cite it?

I see what you're saying but I think there's a wider discussion that many people do not know what to do with. Perhaps one day, when I get my Nobel Prize (har har har), I'll be up there trying to change the culture...until then, I'm a small potato and my workplace gives credit to publication in journals and not that's what I'll do. ;-(


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