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Re: [tlug] Timed licenses? (and escrow/smart contracts)

Hi Darren,

On Thursday, September 20, 2018 04:49 PM, Darren Cook wrote:
Thanks Stephen, Edmund. This was mainly curiosity about what options
there are. It has been something going through my mind recently (new
approaches when you meet business people who still see open source as
giving away company value), then something similar got mentioned in
passing in a meeting the other day.

And if there were existing licenses, I wanted to see how they phrased
the clause. Or if they used two licenses, one forward-dated.

I know you meant software so I'm not sure if anything I add here will help at all...

But some journals appear to have at least a two-tiered subscription. An institute (i.e., university) with the higher tier will have access to the journal immediately; others with the lower tier won't get access to it until after a year has passed. I know this because, for some journals, our institute has the second tier subscription. :-( In some research fields, a year can be a really long time...

Still with publishing, some authors choose to release their work publicly first on open access preprint repositories such as bioRxiv or arXiv. Journals have to accept this up and coming change to their publication model and do accept papers that have been previously released publicly, but usually with some conditions. (i.e., that you've declared it and that, after all the pretty formatting is done by the journal, this final version isn't made public).

I'm not so sure if this works as it seems to be a way for authors to "have their cake and eat it". That is, they get their work out ASAP and stake a claim as to when they finished it. They get "free peer review" via their peers on Twitter... And later, when a prestigious journal accepts it, they can quote the name of the journal on their homepage/CV. But it's the state of some research fields now and I think journals are forced to accept it in order to compete with others [for now]?


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