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Re: [tlug] Presentations you would like to hear?

 On 11 February 2018 2:57 PM, Edward Middleton <> wrote:

> The next technical meeting is scheduled for Saturday March 10th.  Up
> till now we have asked for presenters, but before we do that I would
> like to ask what talk people would like to hear.  An example that is on
> my list would be.
> - An in depth talk on Meltdown, Spectre and the current state of
> mitigation techniques.
> If you have presentations you would like to hear please post them as a
> reply.
Regarding topics I'd be interested in - it'd be great to hear about virtualised computing and networking (Kubernetes, SDN/NFV, OpenStack etc.), or blockchain-related things (Hyperledger, Etherium...). On my end, as I mentioned before, I can talk about, a system for decentralised communication; or some range of things related to Qt/QML programming if anybody is interested.

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